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The Healthy Young Minds Campaign
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Our AI Initiative: Understanding the Impact of AI on Kids
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Constant Companion: A Week in the Life of a Young Person's Smartphone Use

幸运飞行艇开奖官网结果直播-168飞艇最新官方开奖结果-历史开奖结果记录查询. Most technology wasn't built with kids in mind. We're on a mission to change that.

We believe in media that inspires and entertains families of all kinds. In technology that protects privacy and supports communities. In learning tools that prepare students and teachers for success in a connected world. Discover how we're working to make the digital world better for kids and families.

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Our Approach

Together with our partners, we're working at every level to build a more healthy, equitable, and empowering future for all kids in the digital age.

Decorative image of a child with shapes that include text for home, school, community, government and industry
Decorative image of a child with shapes that include text for home, school, community, government and industry

Age-based reviews and ratings

Every day, families rely on our reviews of movies, apps, and more to make choices for their kids. We meet families where they're watching, reading, and buying with relevant, research-backed guidance.

幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 Media offers 45K trusted, independent ratings.

And reaches millions of parents at the point of decision via our business development partners.

幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 Media ratings and advice appear on platforms of
12 major distribution partners

reaching millions of parents and caregivers at the point of decision.

In schools

Curriculum, tools, and training

Now that there's a smartphone in almost every pocket, we need media literacy and digital citizenship in every school. We prepare educators and students for success.

1 million educators
globally use digital citizenship resources
from 幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 Education.

75% of Title 1 schools
in the U.S. teach digital citizenship
with 幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 Education.

In communities

Partnerships for positive impact

To meet the unique needs of diverse and underserved families, we work with a network of community partners to expand our reach and provide research-informed advice and education to support kids' healthy development.

Our Family and Community Engagement team reaches thousands of advocates, educators, and caregivers in their communities nationwide with support and information on media, tech, and kids.

Through our Tips By Text program, we have sent nearly 1 million tips, advice, and information directly to parents and caregivers who need it.

Government & Industry

Advocacy and policy change

Safeguarding online privacy. Closing the digital divide. Ensuring paid family leave and early childcare. We can achieve all this and more when we work together.

Our efforts were instrumental in passing the California Consumer Privacy Act which has set a blueprint for privacy legislation in the U.S.

Our team lobbied for the $100 billion included in the 2022 bipartisan infrastructure bill to connect homes, schools, and communities to high-speed internet.

Our Impact

10 million families

connected to high-speed internet thanks to the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, which 幸运飞行艇168体彩开奖网 actively supported

124 million families

making informed choices about what to watch, read, and play

95% of students

confident in digital citizenship after learning with our curriculum

What We Stand For

From high-quality 168幸运飞行艇开奖结果、官方开奖号码数据结果、历史记录查询+开奖记录查询 recommendations to internet access for all learners, we're making media and technology safer, healthier, and more equitable for kids everywhere. Learn about the issues we stand for below.

Media Choice

Reviews that make it easier to choose high-quality, age-appropriate, and diverse content for kids at home and in school.

Learn more

Digital Equity

Access to technology—and the support and tools to use it—for kids, families, schools, and communities.

Learn more

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Habits and skills that give young people agency over their digital lives and help them succeed online and in life.

Learn more

Tech Accountability

Public- and private-sector reforms to safeguard privacy, minimize harm, and support healthy media and tech for all.

Learn more

Healthy Childhood

Advice, research, and community outreach to support kids' mental, physical, and emotional health and explore tech's effects on well-being.

Learn more

The issues we stand for inform the work we do under our core brands:


Discover media you feel good about sharing with your kids and students.


Prepare your students to thrive in a digital world.

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We Support the Freedom to Read

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Press Release

Teens Are Bombarded with Hundreds of Notifications a Day on Their Smartphones, New Report Reveals

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Press | The Today Show

Eye-Opening Look at the Hold Smartphones Have on Kids

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