Introduce students in grades 6–8 to Digital Connections, an interactive video series created by Common Sense Education in collaboration with AT&T and the Public Library Association.

Through the six-part interactive video series, students follow two best friends as they navigate their digital lives, learning valuable tips and strategies along the way. This video series aligns with the six core topics addressed within Common Sense's Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Each video includes moments for self-reflection and checks for understanding, encouraging students to build healthy habits around media and technology.

Watch Digital Connections


Digital Connections is a web-based experience. For the best experience, we recommend viewing it on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It is possible to watch the series on a smartphone, but this is not the best user experience.

The video series is designed to be flexible. The six-part video series can be watched as separate videos, but we encourage students to watch all six videos over a period of time. Here are a few ideas of how you can introduce it to students:

  1. Use Digital Connections as an onboarding to digital citizenship at the beginning of the school year (grades 6–8).
  2. For a blended learning approach, assign students to watch a particular video before teaching a corresponding lesson from our free K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum.
  3. Use Digital Connections to engage families in digital citizenship! Have students co-view the video series with parents and caregivers, encouraging conversations about their kids' own digital lives.

See the Educator Guide for additional materials and suggestions.

The six-part video series is approximately 50 minutes total, but facilitation time may vary depending on how long students spend on the reflections throughout each video. Digital Connections can be completed all at once or over a period of time.

Yes, Digital Connections will save where your students left off, but in order to do so, you and your students have to agree to "enable cookies." Digital Connections does not collect any personal identifiable data, but browser cookies are necessary to save students' progress on their local device.

To log back in to complete the video series, students will have to use the same device, browser, and login credentials. All recorded progress is lost when the web browser cache is cleared.

At the end of each video, students will see a screen congratulating them on completing that particular module. Students can print or take a screenshot of their screen to show progress.

Once a student has completed all six videos, they will be issued a Digital Connections certificate that they can print and/or download and send to you. 

Yes! We designed Digital Connections as an experience that can be facilitated at home by a parent/caregiver. You can use Digital Connections as an at-home activity to engage families in talking about digital citizenship. Just remember, for student progress to be saved, they will need to watch the entire series on the same device.

The short answer is yes! Digital Connections does not collect personal information. Players can enter a short username to begin and continue play, but this is stored locally and not collected by or accessible to Common Sense. If directed by teachers, users may print or save scores. We do not collect such screenshots. We support the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and we do not collect personal information from children under 13. Click here to read our privacy policy.